A word from Holger Knaack, Fmr Rotary International President

Ready to help fix the planet?


Watch the videos submitted in our first contest

and be inspired to take action for the environment.

#IFixThePlanet #ESRAG





Nobody can do everything.

But everyone can do something to help fix the planet.

Start: 22.03.2022,  END: 31.10.2022

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 6395 People have registered to vote/submit their projects in the first round 2021.


Build hope and courage through the Ifixtheplanet video challenge.


As Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interactors, you are no stranger to working to make the world a better place together with likeminded people. 

Now we are facing a brand new set of challenges, helping fix the environment and the future for us all. 

Rotary International has risen to that challenge by declaring a new seventh Area Of Focus – “Protecting the Environment” 

In ESRAG – The Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group – we are working together to provide a platform for the Rotary family around the world to get engaged. 

The challenge was to create a video, ideally seventy seconds long (but no more than 100 seconds), where you showed us an environmental project you are working with, have worked with, or are planning to work with.  

Challenge your club members to do the same. Challenge everyone! 

The more people see and get inspired from our films, the more we will all help fix the planet with this video challenge.  

The videos will be presented first during the RICON 4th – 8th of June 2022 in the House of friendship. The final chance is at the RI institute in BASEL: OUR FUTURE IS NOW, 4th – 6th of November 2022. 

The Jury will consist of our 13 regional chapter leaders.


Please SHARE! this challenge with your contacts in the Rotary family, your family and friends using our Social Media Images or the icons on the bottom right of this page.

.This video challenge was initiated by Ludwig Kalthoff together with a group of ESRAG members and the team of THE CLIMATE TASK FORCE. The initiative is supported by Holger Knaack, chairman of Rotary International. Thanks for making this possible: Rob Anderson, Leonie Böker, Klas Holmlund, Marius Horstick, Carlos Montoya, Ulrich Schenck and Ludwig Kalthoff.